Wetting agents for improved paint performance

Wetting agents for improved paint performance

Bring out the best in your paint We offer a selection of high performing wetting agents that will bring out the most in your paint. Paints and coatings are complex formulations with multiple components. It is crucial to have a good wetting agent that allows all the ingoing components to mix well with each other to add quality and stability to the formulation. 

Wetting agents from us give less pigment agglomerates which increases the hiding power of the pigment. This enables you to reduce the pigment load, thus saving material and cost. The fast wetting properties of our products also help to speed up the mill base step in your paint production. Our wetting agents can contribute in several ways to improve the paint quality. 

Our wetting agents are: 

  • APEO free 
  • NP replacers
  • VOC free (<1%) or low VOC
  • Very low in SVOC content
How to use our products

Our wetting agents are suitable for a broad variety of water based paints and coatings. Acrylic, styrene/acrylic latex and alkyd emulsion paints are just a few examples. Best results are obtained if the wetting agent is added to the mill base. We generally recommend adding 0.2-0.3 wt% on the total paint formulation.

Sustainable wetting agent

We are committed to working for a sustainable future. We make sure that we are always up to date with the latest and upcoming regulatory demands and concerns. This is our way of helping our customers to produce sustainable, long lasting paint formulations.

AEOR 420 is our superior solution due to its high performance and label-free status. It is nontoxic, nonirritant, readily biodegradable and works in most emulsion paint formulations. We also offer multiple other wetting agents to meet the needs of a wide range of formulations.

Optimize your formulation performance

Good wetting agents are necessary to allow all componets to mix well and thereby improving the performance in the final paint

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